Imagine if eight powerful women were standing for your success . . . as you define it?

Professional Reboot is a step-by-step process, and a circle of unprecedented support to create meaningful work you love, on your own terms. It is designed specifically for the needs of moms who want to make a real impact in the world, and do it authentically - in alignment with their values, and without sacrificing too much of themselves or their lives in the process.

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Why Professional Reboot

It can be daunting to think of re-launching your career for something more meaningful – especially if you have downshifted or opted out for a period of time.

You are not alone.

As we go through profound changes from one life stage to the next, our needs, desires, and motivations for working change.  Many, if not most of us face real challenges in bridging the gap between where we are professionally, and where we want to be.

As educated women today, we have more choices about what to do with our lives than perhaps any other people in the history of our planet.  Yet this choice that so many of us want most – truly fulfilling and high impact work, that we can integrate with our family priorities – is still so hard to find.  Pathways are unclear, and opportunities for flexibility and reasonable hours are limited.

Following traditional career design and job search methods can feel frustrating, and are often insufficient for moms who want to reboot.  We can end up spending a lot of time struggling on our own – trying to figure out answers we don’t know, so we can look for opportunities that may not even exist.  The longer it takes, the more it impacts our confidence.

There is another way.

Through my work with hundreds of women, as well as my own personal journey, I have developed a clear path for mothers to create our “True Work” – meaningful work we love, on our own terms.  The process is inspirational, and the results are true joy.


Professional Reboot Results

Professional Reboot guides you step-by-step to discover the work you're uniquely designed by life to do, and create opportunities to put it into action - whether that's a full-time job, your own business, a part-time project, or anything in between.

Together, in person, with a circle of 8 like-minded women, I’ll lead you through the process of visioning, aligning, planning, and refining your True Work.


Professional Reboot Circles are designed to:

  • Dramatically improve your odds of greater fulfillment and impact in your work
  • Save you the time and stress of a search that might not get you what you really want
  • Avoid the potential downward spiral of pursuing opportunities that aren't an ideal fit
  • Transform your reboot into a meaningful, enjoyable, and inspiring journey - that increases your confidence, unleashes your creative potential, takes your leadership to the next level, and makes it so much easier to get the results you want


In a Professional Reboot Circle, you will be guided to:

  • Clarify your “True Work” –the work you’re uniquely designed by life to do
  • Re-align with your values and personal definition of success
  • Build your new professional identity – with an authentic confidence that reflects your true value
  • Release the blocks and limiting beliefs, and tame the voice which undermines your dreams
  • Unleash more of your inner wisdom, creative potential, and intuition to guide your journey
  • Design your next professional milestone - a project or role to put your vision into action
  • Plan your next steps and support systems to incubate and grow your new dreams
  • Receive unparalleled support and wisdom from a circle of extraordinary women – together we achieve more
  • Experience exceptional coaching – from a talented leader, mom, and highly experienced coach (who's been through this herself, and is living her purpose.)

Plus you’ll get a system with tools and exercises you can use again and again – to get and stay on course to your greatest success as you define it, and to continue evolving your work as you grow and change over time.

How It Works

I take great care in putting together Professional Reboot Coaching Circles.  Each circle is limited to 8-10 like-minded women, so you receive unparalleled wisdom and support from each other, and a lot of coaching and feedback on your personal situation.

The initial commitment is for 8 weekly sessions.  After the initial 8 weeks, there are a variety of options for continuing support – on your own with a self-led circle, and/or with the level of coaching support from me that will work best for you and your circle.  Your coaching circle has the potential to become a priceless personal advisory board for your inner and outer career and life journey.

The course includes:

  • Eight in-person small group coaching sessions, weekly in Palo Alto, which guide you step by step through the Professional Reboot process.
  • Audio recordings and a written workbook with teachings and preparation exercises so we can dedicate our session time to high-impact coaching and discussion.
  • Follow-up "live-with" practices to integrate your learning in your daily life, and tap into your inner creative wisdom and intuition to guide your journey.
  • Recordings of each group coaching session so you can listen to any sessions you have to miss, or anything brilliant you may have said or heard and not had a chance to capture on paper.
  • Small groups of eight so you receive a lot of coaching and feedback on your personal situation, as well as accountability, support, and connection among group members.

The foundation you build in this program will help you throughout your career. You can return to your workbook and recordings of all the sessions for any future transition, and to help you stay true to yourself as you navigate your professional journey.

To get on the wait list for the next Circle, or to find out about upcoming workshops and events, please email

Here's what you'll accomplish in the Professional Reboot process:


Set yourself up for success from the start

  • Learn the critical shifts in mindset and the most effective practices for a successful re-launch (and most actualized career and life)

    Stretch into and share an inspiring 3-5 year vision for your career and life that you can feel fully committed to, without ambivalence

  • Unleash more of your inner wisdom, creative potential, and intuition to guide your journey


Re-define and re-align with what “success” means to you now

  • Identify your personal definition of success that represents your true values
  • Clear “shoulds”, guilt, and old cultural or family expectations that are not aligned with your true values – so you can attract opportunities that will bring the results that are truly most important to you
  • Clarify the “Why” of your work – the meaning and purpose that bring out your best, and what you care enough about to stretch beyond your comfort zone
  • Take action to bring your life into alignment with what really matters most to you – both short term quick fixes, and longer term plans.
  • Don’t wait for the job to give you the feeling of being “on purpose” – start aligning with a sense of purpose now, and it will help you attract your True Work.


  • Clarify Your True Work:  Part 1 – What You’re Designed To Do

Define the activities, functions, roles and results you’re best designed for, based on:
  • What you love to do and are great at
  • What fully engages you, where you can access the state of flow
  • Your professional talents, results and impact
  • Your gifts, strengths and “signature process” – the natural process you do and results you produce all the time without even realizing it
  • Note: if you are already clear about your “What,” you can us this session as an opportunity to further clarify and practice articulating the specific results and impact you will deliver to your potential employer and/or client(s) — that unique value you offer that’s worth so much more than what they’ll be paying for it.


Clarify your True Work: Part 2 – “Where You’re Designed To Do It

Define the arena(s) where you’re called to make a contribution, based on
  • The field, industry, issue area and/or population you want to serve
  • Your personal mission – the unmet needs or potentials where you can add the most value
  • Your other driving desires – financial, schedule, and other important working conditions and key criteria
  • Note: if you are already clear about your "Where," you can use this session as an opportunity to further clarify and practice articulating the specific ideal client(s)/employers(s) you most want to serve, and the specific unmet needs they have that you will most effectively address.


Release blocks and limitations in the way of clearly seeing or implementing your new career/life vision

  • Fire your inner critic and cultivate your inner coach
  • Clear out any limiting beliefs, self-doubt or fear which could hold you back from your dreams
  • Transform obstacles into opportunities for learning and growth



Crystallize your career vision, professional objectives, and next professional milestone

We will spend two slightly longer sessions in a master-minding and group brainstorming process to help each member of the circle crystallize their professional vision and objectives.

  • Integrate what you’ve learned into a clear statement of your True Work and long-term professional objectives
  • Communicate your new professional identity, with an authentic confidence that reflects your true value
  • Begin designing your next professional action experiment – the job, role or project to put your “inklings” into action
  • Note: if you are already clear about your career vision and general objectives, you can use this session to practice and receive feedback on your story of how life has so ideally and uniquely designed you to achieve these objectives.


Take bold action and iterate

  • Practice your new introduction - how you describe who you are, what you do, and what you're looking for
  • Create your action plan, and build a support system to incubate and grow your new dreams
  • Stretch to take the most inspired next steps that could quantum leap your results
  • Learn the tools to reflect, refine, and iterate – toward ever-greater alignment, fulfillment and impact on your path





Sherri Lassila is an expert on women’s leadership and career transition. She has transformed the lives of hundreds of professional women from around the world in her seminars, workshops, group coaching, and individual coaching programs. With a Stanford MBA, multiple coaching certifications, and 15 years of transformational coaching and leadership development experience, Sherri blends a practical business approach with powerful inner work. She is known for creating unprecedented levels of support and clarity for the women in her coaching circles - some of which are still together after 10 years. As a mother of two, Sherri has a deep commitment to creating new models and pathways for making an impact while raising a family.

For more information about Sherri and her work, please see

In their own words, women share how they have benefited from Professional Reboot workshops and coaching circles:

"I would absolutely recommend this program."

"It would be hard to overstate the impact working with Sherri has had on my career and personal life. Her work has done what prestigious university degrees and graduate programs could not – transform my skills and abilities into deeply satisfying work that I believe will be valued and sought after in my field." Karn Knight, Mom returning to work after 8 years raising a family

"I am able to reconnect to a greater purpose."

"This was an enlightening and invaluable process for me. I think it’s so necessary for anyone going through a transition or wondering if they are on the right path.
With Sherri’s help, I feel I am able to reconnect to a greater purpose. Slowly, pieces of my life that felt disconnected are lining up and making sense. Sherri has a gift for guiding you to the center of yourself so you can better look forward. It feels authentic and real and I feel blessed to be part of her group. I wish this had been a required course in Business School." Sylvie Stefant, Product Design Consultant and Former Marketing Executive

"I couldn’t have asked for more. Sherri is fabulous!"

"If it weren’t for Sherri’s coaching circle, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I now have a new career and an amazing group of women who continue to offer incredible support. I’m so grateful I didn’t waste too much time hunting for jobs I probably would not have enjoyed nearly as much." Iris Kloth, Professional Career Coach

"I’ve discovered my true life’s work"

"The Professional Reboot Coaching Circle has been one of the most effective life-long learning experiences that I’ve had. Sherri is a woman with a mission! She is equal parts smarts and soul, and she is putting all the intellectual rigor of her Stanford MBA behind her soul mission to create a world full of ‘professional women, fulfilled.’

Sherri has drawn on cutting edge research about creativity, psychology, and innovation to create a unique process for women. You will learn to listen for your most intuitive, powerful inklings. Through individually designed action-experiments, you will practice putting inklings into action in order to get on the road to doing the work you were uniquely designed to do.

I think this process is appropriate for a wide range of people including folks who want to:

–get back to work

–start their own venture

–replant skills and passions into a new ecosystem

–reweave the relationship between work and family

I’ve seen magic happen in Sherri’s coaching circle." Cristina Spencer, Writer and Community Builder

"I accepted my first job in 7 years"

"Sherri is amazing! This process was much more effective for me than the work I did one-on-one with a career coach, and the power of doing it as a group was much stronger than I would have expected. Sherri’s approach is broader and deeper than anyone else I have come across and she offers deep insight for each person.

By the end of the 8-week Professional Reboot Coaching Circle, I accepted my first job in 7 years – something I would have been very hesitant to do without the support of this program. I am feeling so much more optimistic about my professional future, and that energy and enthusiasm seems to be good for our whole family. My son is happier than he has been for a long time." Nancy Rosenthal, Development and Community Relations, Aspire East Palo Alto Charter School (former Marketing Director in the health care industry)

"Sherri is a gifted coach"

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sherri in an important time in my life. Her ability to get to the heart of whatever issue you are going through is a wonderful opportunity to really make a transformation in your thinking, your possibilities and your vision. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to make a transformation in their lives, find and live their purpose." MaryAnn Voli, Managing Director Asia Pacific, PotentialSquared

"For the first time in years I am really excited about my future"

"Working with Sherri expanded my idea of what was possible for me. Sherri’s passion and her extensive knowledge guided me each step of the way and I was able to achieve things I hadn’t dreamed possible…
Sherri is truly a gifted coach. Her insight and wisdom coupled with her vast experience can assist anyone wanting to create a career in alignment with their purpose. It was a unique and transformative experience to take this journey in a circle of women. I hadn’t realized the value and power of what can be generated when women band together to move their lives forward." Jeanette Price, Mom returning to work after 10 years raising a family

"I have much more clarity, vision, and confidence in presenting the value I have to offer"

"Sherri’s teaching style is a wonderful blend of business acumen and deep listening and understanding of inner process. She is a terrific facilitator and group leader and created a safe and productive container for all of us. It was very helpful to be together with other women in the same situation and to see everyone’s gifts and talents and to know that I am not alone in my situation in the world.

Before this program, I felt uncomfortable ‘selling myself’ in job interviews. It was very helpful to look through all my past work, paid and unpaid, with a view toward how I’ve developed myself to make a unique contribution. It helped me shift to owning the full value of who I am and all I’ve done, which made my interviews far more effective." Julia Zarcone, Former Assistant Professor and Associate Program Chair, California Institute of Integral Studies

"I just received a job offer – part-time work that meets my values."

"I never would have looked or applied, had it not been for your reboot session and our subsequent phone conversation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me both inspiration, an honest perspective and a much needed kickstart. I hope that other women will have the chance to experience your unique approach." Hillary Fernandes, Reference Specialist

This program is highly experiential and interactive.  To read more comments from women about their experience with this work and my teaching style, please see